Saturday, May 21, 2016

All in one cream? Rivecowe AA Cream Review (English)


It's me again!! Okay, maybe it's my first double post for one week. Today I will review about a unique cream from Korea that claims to have whitening  effect from special herb no.8 (Which are lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, borage, sage, jasmine, chamomile) and anti wrinkle care, it's also moisturizing!

Why it's called AA Cream? Because it claimed to be useful All day and All night, so it's called All day All right cream, haha what a creative idea.

rivecowe aa cream
all day all right cream from Rivecowe

Actually I never know a brand named Rivecowe, but one day I knew 0.8 liter Indonesia had a giveaway for this product, and lucky me to be chosen! Thanks 0.8 liter Indonesia!

Okay from packaging I admit that it's too cute! I love how they played with white and yellow color, and those swirls... lovely!

But I noticed the size is too small, just tube with 40 ml product. Because I got it free I don't really mind, but I do mind if I want to buy this, this cream better be worth my money.

rivecowe aa cream swatch
sorry I can't capture the HD pic
When I opened and squeeze some of it, I caught smell of fresh lemon, it reminded me of Garnier's product. The cream's white and when I put it on my skin it will blend and make my skin whiter naturally.

rivecowe ingredients
the ingredients 
This product claimed used their special herb no.8, so I look at the ingredients and surprised it's really printed there! But look at how small the percentage I doubt it's really the 'special herb no.8' that they use for their main whitener essence (I dunno much about ingredients so I can't look it up for the details).

rivecowe aa cream swatch
see the difference?
I saw that this AA Cream is really similar with CC cream because they're whiten the skin naturally, but the difference is AA cream doesn't have color capsules that will pop and blended to skin when it's applied like CC cream. And this cream doesn't have a strong coverage like BB cream, it's not sticky at all, easily blended and the smell will disappear after you blend it.

rivecowe aa cream swatch
once again, see the difference?
Maybe from picture up there you can't see the difference (sorry for my bad camera) but in real life I noticed it can toned up my face one time brighter and my face looked fresh. It have dewy finish so I suggest if you don't like the finish you must put a powder on top. It's not cakey like BB cream, you can walk around just with this and people will compliment your bright skin without complain that you put too much effort for it . It made my skin feels smooth and can cover my minor face discoloration.

But the downside is this product don't have spf and oil control, so you know what it means oily faced ladies... prepare to have oil factory here!! When I used this I notice my T-zone area already oily after 2 hours use, and really oily after 4-5 hours, and if you're sweating you have to apply it again because this cream's easily comes off.

rivecowe aa cream swatch
using Rivecowe AA Cream

On the picture above I used it for 8 hours and guess what, I need to top it with setting powder 2 times but it still have whitening effect. So I suggest you use this product for base makeup only, and I don't recommended it for alone usage, because the spf thing.

What I like :

- Cute packaging
- Whitening effect
- Easy to blend
- Natural finish
- Can cover minor discoloration

What I don't like :

- Doesn't have spf
- No oil control
- Glides easily
- Dewy finish (I don't like it sorry)
- Not really covering my acnes and scars

Overall 3,5/5

You must have this if you want a natural whitening effect product, and if you have dry to normal skin. If you want to go outside without worry you must apply sunblock first or use it for base makeup.

Thanks for sticking up with my review, comment below so I'll know what you think! See you!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ultrue I'm Sorry for My Skin Jelly Mask Review (English)


It's me againnn!!!! :D

This time I wanna review one of the best sheet mask that I've ever try! It's called Ultrue I'm sorry for my skin. The first thing you notice maybe was, what the hell is Ultrue?? 

Now, now my dearest reader, Ultrue is one of the biggest beauty company that excels in mask product, they even made masks for famous brands such as Innisfree, Skinfood, and Laneige. Recently they've launch their own brand product, and I'm very lucky to have a chance try this gorgeous jelly mask FOR FREE because I was one of the people who have been  chosen from 0,8 liter Indonesia to try the tester pack. Thank you 0,8 liter Indonesia!!!

Ultrue I'm sorry for my skin launch 
I copied the official product details from Amazon :

With a bouncy like texture, without any stickiness; the refreshing jelly type texture essence that everyone has been waiting for. An everyday lifestyle mask sheet that protects your moisture barrier. The perfect solution to balance your moisture and hydration pH Levels with Natural Moisture ingredients, AMF*, and a blend of plants that are naturally grown in the desert 
Dear My Skin, 
I'm sorry... I Know I should not do this to my skin. However, I cannot give up chocolate, coffee or drinking. 
I'm sorry... I forgot to take care of you. I know the weather has changed, but don't be too stingy. I am too busy to just care you (my skin). 
I'm sorry... I fell asleep without removing makeup. However, I was really tired yesterday. My love for you is still great. Please stop being made at me. I have prepared something special for you. 
I'm Sorry for My Skin, the least we can do for our skin. 
Don't feel sorry leave it to us! 
Why is Ulture Mask Sheet Special? 
Excellent Moisturizing ability 
*AMF water wrap (Artificial Moisturizing Factor) 
120 hours moisturizing effect confirmed by IRIS, an internationally prestigious clinical institution. 
[Report Extraction: It showed considerable increase effect of skin moisturizing with just one use that was kept up to 120 hours.] 
We do not perform, animal testing, as all our Research and Development is performed in South Korea, and Made in South Korea. Our Products are natural and contain desert plant complex to boost moisture that your skin has been wanting. 
Proudly made in South Korea"

As you can see this Jelly Mask is designed for people who doesn't take care their skin right because of bad diet, weather or makeup. and they claimed can make your skin hydrated for 120 hours after use!

I got four mask with different variant,the chocolate one for pore care, the smoke one for relaxing, the beer one for revitalizing, and coffee for brightening.

I gotta say when I first know this I thought 'Wow these masks look thick and the packaging are very good! This is the kind of product that for the first time you look at it you know this product is exclusive and looks expensive, yes that kind of vibe.

The downside is they just use hangul for product information, company, and ingredients so my first impression when I saw the back of the packaging are what the hell is this, what the hell is that for? lol

the mask
 Because this product theme is 'jelly mask' so expect your application would be messy. Yes, Ultrue really gives you a generous amount of jelly in their mask, they are cold, sticky, and slimy almost look like liquid silicone. But I love playing with it, haha.

the jelly
The mask's smell is quiet pleasant, like floral but have a bit of spicy perfume in it, but maybe this will be a bother for some people. As you know because they just have hangul direction for how to use it I must search on the internet for how to it correctly. And I've got information that to use it, first, you must squeeze the jelly from the mask's packaging, and then apply it to your skin, you can use the jelly on all of your body, not just face. Then unfold the mask and put it on your face for 20 minutes until the jelly's absorbed to your skin.

So I do that, and I notice the mask sheet was too big for my face, I ended up like an old wrinkled ghost, hahaha.

me using ultrue

 Even the direction said you just have to wait for 20 minutes, I used this for 30 minutes and still have no sign of drying, like I said Ultrue is really generous with their jelly essence. My tip is after you peel off the mask don't wash your face because basically the one that make your skin looks good is because the essence, and you just have to massage the essence until it absorbs to your skin.

Annnddd how's Ultrue did for my face? I got the  softest, most supple, hydrated face that I never felt before! I love touching my face after use this, my skin just too bouncy and healthy, It makes my skin looks bright and glowing. Even after I used this mask for up to 24 hours I still felt the effect, but sadly I don't count if this effect really would last for 120 hours or not.

What I like

- Good packaging
- Generous amount of jelly essence
- Nice smell
- Make your skin soft, hydrate, and brighten too
- You can use the jelly for other body parts

What I don't like

- The application's quiet messy and sticky
- Hard to get it, not many website sell this product too
- Not really over hyped international product, so they just provide hangul for information

Overall 4,5/5

I'm in love with Ultrue I'm sorry for my skin mask!! I've always thought that mask sheets are just waste of money because after use it the effect would be gone for few hours, but this mask is really different, because of this I like to touch my face and take a good look on the mirror because my skin felt too good to be true and it lasts long. You change my view about mask sheet, Ultrue, well done.

Thanks for sticking up to my review, leave comment so I know what you think!

Edit : it's true that my skin feels soft and bouncy but because my face is oily so it ended up  to oil factory me, and if I applied makeup it would be gone for 2-3 hours

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mentholatum Beauty Mask REVIEW (Collagen Firming & Lifting Moisture)


Dengan saya disini, kali ini saya akan mereview sebuah (dua buah keles) Mask Sheet aseli dari Indonesia!! (?) yaitu Mentholatum Beauty Mask.

Sebenarnya dulu saya nggak suka sama yang namanya mask sheet atau mask-mask yang lain yang bisa dipakai dirumah, kenapa? Karena saya orangnya males nungguin sampai kering apalagi dengan wajah serem ala Michael Myers, tapi... suatu hari ketika berkunjung ke G*ant di daerah saya, saya seperti biasa menyempatkan diri ke rak makeup dan skincare (junkie banget I know).

Dan saat saya liat-liat saya tiba-tiba tertuju sama kardus yang dibuka atasnya biar keliatan display produknya, dan saat saya ambil, ternyata ya si Mentholatum Beauty Mask ini. Dan saya liat harganya, ulala ternyata murah juga! Ambil deh dua, yang varian Collagen Firming dan Lifting Moisture.

Seperti namanya yang singkat, packagingnya sederhana sekali, cuma berbeda warna, logo beauty masknya, udah, lainnya tulisan doang gak ada heboh-hebohnya. Ini yang bikin saya hampir gak ngeliat produk ini di rak.

Kemasan belakangnya juga simpel, tulisannya dicetak sesuai dengan warna temanya, ilustrasi masker, dan logo mentholatum/Rohto. Pertama saat saya liat tulisan di kemasannya isi dua saya kira beneran isi dua masker (murah banget kan sis) tapi ternyata maksudnya dua masker itu ini...

'dua' masker

Masker ini terbagi jadi dua bagian, bagian atas buat dahi, hidung dan ada lubang buat mata. Sedangkan yang bawah buat pipi, dagu dan ada lubang buat mulut. Selain kekecewaan ternyata nggak bener-bener dua, ternyata masker ini gede bangeeet!!! Beneran gede sampai saya berpikir orang macam apa yang pas pakai nih masker :p

Berikut ini adalah masker saat diaplikasikan, I tried my best to look beautiful with this, oh but still, Michael Myers Wannabe!

I was really messy in here

Kesan pertama saat pakai mask sheet ini adalah, basah. Yep rasanya basah banget dan kedua variannya sama-sama punya bau alkohol. Mask sheet ini bisa lumayan lama dipake dan total satu jam sampai akhirnya kering! 

after use 

My thoughts after us this? Yang collagen firming berguna buat mengencangkan dan meremajakan kulit dengan kandungan kolagennya, sedangkan Lifting Moisture untuk anti wrinkle dan juga melembabkan kulit tapi setelah memakai keduanya saya tidak begitu melihat hasilnya, saya cuma mendapatkan efek lengket-basah dan kulit kalau dipegang lebih halus tapi nggak permanen ya.

What I like about this product :
- Kinda cheap

- Make your skin smooth and supple after use
- Can be used up to 1 hour

What I don't like about this product:
- Sticky

- Alcohol scent 
- The sheet is too big
- Not really good as it claims

Overall : 2,5/5

Repurchase? Nope, pengen nyoba masker lain, tapi mungkin ini cocok buat yang mau coba-coba mask sheet lokal  ^^

Thanks for sticking up with my review, comment below so I'll know what you think! See you

Friday, May 6, 2016

First Purchase Experience + Unboxing : Althea Pink Box! (English)

Hellooooo Guys.....!!

I'm back with another experience post!!! *YAAAYYY*
But.... it's not just another experience post, it's also about unravel the cute pink box from!! *YAY?*

You see... I'm just poor budgeted beauty blogger who always crazy with good cheap stuff (who doesn't anyway?). And I'm always, always, looking for discounted price, promo stuff, or free delivery fee. Truthfully for a beauty blogger I'm kinda late to know about this new  online beauty store, I know this store from beauty blogger that make this unboxing experience she had when she's shopping at Althea Indonesia FREE OF CHARGE (why I don't know about the beta tester thing???), It just popped up on my timeline one day when I'm scrolling for something aren't important.

So you maybe know I'm rushed to type the address, signed up, and scrolling through the products, and yes, the price is too good to be true. Because they're newly opened, there's 100k credits for new registration that you can use, and there's always freebie product that you can redeem completely off charge except for the shipping, but then I know the delivery costs around 120k IDR and you must purchase for minimum 300k IDR just to get free shipping.

Ok ok....nothing's perfect, take a deep breath, no big deal

SOOO yeah, I checked out for above 300k IDR for the sake of the free delivery. Phew, I just hope the announcement for non grand opening promo free delivery 500k IDR or above is still a long time.

Althea's service is quiet good, the costumer service respond quickly and actually not blabbering about the SOP too much and just help the customer's need. The website is actually minimalist and friendly to use, but they're sometimes slow to load, and still have many errors.

And another thing that irks me out is the payment method.

I know I know, in international trading, many use paypal, visa, and master card. But in Indonesia, huge number of people are still comfortable using the plain old bank transfer. So when I know the payment method of Althea is using credit cards or doku wallet I'm almost throw my laptop (well.. not really).

I decided to use doku wallet, actually I never use this kind of way but ANYTHING FOR YOU ALTHEA YOU HEAR ME?! And after many plot twists and turns, that pink box arrived at my home.

I blurred my personal info, sorry ;)
This parcel arrived to my home for 7 days, and I'm honestly concerned about Althea's way of shipping, because it's not just too early, but the courier deliver it with his child, ON 6 AM. Just what kind of company who force the worker to work on holiday with his child?  

 Anyway, sorry about my rambling... the packaging is superrrr pretty, beautiful, gorgeous!! I fell in love instantly even when I first saw it. They use pink plastic bag to cover up the pink box, and you can see Althea's address and then yours, your purchase number, your cellphone number, the package number, package barcode, and below you can see Althea Indonesia's address.

I dunno why it's already dirty there
The well-known pink box

The box is sturdy, and I know you can put anything inside that without worry about anything, because it's really, really, a good box. And it's pretty too! I was amazed because the box itself wrapped in a bubble wrap. IT'S REALLY HANDLED WITH CARE!

As you can see, when I opened the box all of the products wrapped in a bubble wrap, and I got this pink papery sheets thingy, I dunno what it is for, but hey I'm really satisfied with the safety insurance.

Ok so noow for the main dish...

Maybe you're wondering what I bought in that box, right? righttt?? I'm carefully picked what I want and this is my first purchase (that I will review on my blog) :

- Mediheal Dress Code Black Mask Sheet, I was hooked with this gorgeous mask since I first saw it
- Chica y chico Mat Cushion No.23, a new cushion for me! Yaayy!!
- Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Bija & Tea Tree, a wash off pack for my face
- CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection, for you who already read my hair bleaching and coloring in here, you will know I really need this
- Saemmul Real Tint in Orange, I always want to try lip tint, and I saw this tint have a beautiful shade of orange I always dying to try, so why not?

-Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, I got this without cash because it's freebie product from Althea, and I always wanna know what so good about this overly hyped product.

So yeah, that's all about my experience review and unboxing Althea Pink box, if you're interested about the website you can always go to :

Althea itself have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and soon to be Thailand.

Thank you for sticking up on my review, I hope you comment below so I know what you think, and see you again!! :D

Gorgeous box for gorgeous ladies!