Sunday, June 5, 2016

VANT 36.5 Air Touch CC Cushion + Sunblock Review (English)


Back with me again, personally these weeks I named it Cushion weeks because I got various cushion for me to review, and one of them's Vant 36,5 Air Touch CC Cushion + Sunblock (that you're about to read).  I got this product FREELY from 0.8l Indonesia, actually I never thought that I'll win a giveaway, so you can imagine I was really surprise to win 0.8l for like.... 3 times already now,and I was literally jumped myself when I won this, because I reallyyy love cushion product, but trust me guys it's completely random.

Vant CC Cushion

Ok so the first thing I notice when I opened the box was... Did I just got the refill? Because it's wrapped like usual cushion refill. Then I thought... well if this is it so what? I got it free though, but how delighted I was when I tore the wrapper and found that it's full sized product.

the puff's already dirty when I got it

The design is simple yet elegant, the main theme is black and white instead of usual plain white cushion. Actually I never know about this brand but when I searched it it's actually is one of the hot Korean brand, and this cushion's quiet popular specially the puff (you will know what I mean).

English instructions!
The packaging is lightweight and not so bulky, the lid's actually have English instructions on it and I just know you can close the lid after use so the liquid won't evaporate, silly me.

there's coverage from this!

If you heard CC Cream maybe you will imagine a white cream like from Etude House that have sheer coverage and just tone up yous skin for one scale. But no more!!!  I was amazed because THERE IS SHADE from this, I can't find what shade this was but when I use it it's ofc too light for me.

Oh and the main attraction from VANT's the puff...

The cushion puff isn't something regular like your blue old puff, it's white, and reminded me like a real cushion furniture. When you dab it to your face expect it to cling on your skin, it's super rubbery, I suggest when you use it you pat it, not swipe it. And that's why the texture of the CC cream's liquidy. I can't get the clear photos but when you know this in real life you will agree with me that the puff is something.

the magic (?) puff

How about the coverage? Uh huh VANT's really not playing with this because it's actually good! The coverage's like BB Cream, it can cover my dark circles, redness, and minor acne scars, but for dark scar I suggest you use concealer.  This CC cushion have floral scent that quiet normal for cushion product, and I didn't find myself feel heavy using this. 


Look at how glowy and brighter my face after use this. It have semi dewy finish that I don't like because I'm more matte girl (I have super oily nose). The oil control is so-so, my nose became shiny after 1-2 hours use and my face started to get oily after 3-4 hours. It's a shame because it already has high spf (40 spf, hence the name 'sunblock' on the packaging) and if the oil control's superb this cushion would have been perfect.

What I like :
- Good coverage
- High spf
- the puff's unique
- light feeling

What I don't like
- Oil control is so-so
- Hard to get outside Korea
- Semi dewy finish

Overall 4/5

In my opinion, this is a good CC cushion for everyone who seek a high coverage CC cream without feel heavy, like semi dewy finish, and have dry to combination skin.

Purchase? Well yes if it's affordable :p

That's my thoughts about this product , once again thank you for 0.8l Indonesia for gave me a chance to try this amazing product, you guys can join their giveaway and get a chance to try a free hot Korean beauty items. Give me your comment below so I'll know what you think, see you!

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