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(REVIEW) Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Mask (English)

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Back with me, how's your year now? Actually I can't belive if we now in the middle of December, it feels like still January to me haha. Ok, in this post I will review a product that I got from Althea Korea.


If you guys still don't familiar with brand Half Moon Eyes, It's actually a South Korean indie brand, the owner is Lee Cheng Xian (Click to know her IG). I think this brand yet to announce other product beside this wash off pink fruity mask, which is understandable because this brand is quiet new. I bought this item from Althea Korea for free because this was giveaway item from Althea. But you guys can get it from Althea for 2-3 dollars, very cheap.

cute right?
The Packaging is very cute! It comes with green and pink theme, the main ingredient of this product is Dragon fruit, a popular fruit you can stumble on some parts of Asia. Soo you can see on the side of the sturdy plastic box ilustration of dragon fruits The box consists about three cups of mask in 10ml products that you can use several times per cup.

the information on the back

Hangul explanation, sorry can't translate
This product claims can tighten your skin, pore tightening, and cooling effect when it's applied. I really excited to try this because of the design and packaging, but I think HME changed the packaging recently so I'm sorry if my box is different from yours guys.

Look at that cutie capsules
The cups too consist of pink and green theme, with teardrop shape, when you open the lid you will find a pink mask inside with little green capsules. The texture surprisingly kinda dry and tacky. 

I notice the instruction for this mask is quiet unusual because you must put your toner first, and then put the mask all over your face, feel the cooling and tightening effect for 10 minutes and then you use lukewarm water to pop the Hylocereus Undatus (Dragon Fruit) capsules. So I think the mask suppose to blend with the toner which is make sense if it's dry.

The scent is sweet, not too overpowering but I do catch some floral but kinda fruity smell, I'm sorry I can't pinpoint what's the scent is but it's not troubled me.

tried it on my hand
When I first swatch it on my hand it IS very dry, I don't know how to blend it correctly and it ended up with dry paste like texture it's really not comfortable. And when I tried it on my face, it is 10 times worse. Yes I used moisturizing toner first, I even put some of it on the cup, stir it, and after it kinda mix together I put it on my face. But yeah... still felt tacky and too dry, it didn't want to spread on my skin!.

Even after I used lukewarm water to pop the capsules I still felt uncomfortable and the capsules isn't pop. And for your information I can't feel any of the 'tightening' effect orf'cooling' feeling when I put on this mask. After I finally wash it completely I can't feel any better result for my skin. It's just like I wash my face with ordinary water, nothing change I think. Which a shame because I already like this product because of the design, but the performance isn't good.

What I like 
- Cheap
- Nice scent
- Cute packaging and design
- Can be used several times

What I don't like
- Too tacky and dry
- Can't blend to my face
- Can't feel any tightening effect
- Can't feel any cooling effect
- Must buy it online

Overal 1/5
Repurchase? No.

Okay maybe I'm being mean to rate it 1/5 stars but I already tried anything I can find to use this mask efficiently, and after I used it 1 time and keep the rest of the product for next time, when I use it tomorrow night the texture felt drier than yesterday, I can't even scoop some of it with my hand, I tried to mix it with toner again but this time it won't mix. So yeah, there's huge dissappointment with this product.

But let me hear what you think about this product, maybe they already fix their texture because I got the older version of this mask or something, please kindly share your thoughts on my comment, like , or share below, and please subscribe to my gfc, bloglovin, or instagram. You can find the link on the right sidebar. See you~

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