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Cosmetic Haul : A;t fox Special Set (English)


Long time no see, sorry if I haven't post anything for this month, because I was sick and busy. Anyway, in this post I'll write about my (almost) recent haul, which is Special Set Cosmetic from A;t fox!

Without further a do, let's check what I got!.

not the best photo I've taken ;_;
Maybe you guys still don't know about A;t fox, basically this brand is from Korea with afternoon tea time concept, their main ingredient is tea extract, and in their store despite cosmetic and skincare, you can find cute mini cafe! I feel Japanese lolita style in this brand. Oh yeah and A;t fox means Afternoon tea time (A;t) & Fox, why? Because this brand spirit animal is fox! Really unique.

I got this special set from online shop, so no, this is NOT sponsored review or etc, I just stumbled this online and I thought 'Wow it's really cheap! Just 185k rupiahs for 6 items!' So of course I must buy this set. This set's actually Christmas gift set and I got it from December, but hey sorry I post the haul now. Anyway, I will tell you one by one what kind of product I got below :

1. A;t fox Gyoolpy Tea BB Cream.


This BB cream claims to have vitamin extract, citrus peel, tea Extract, and sun protector (got SPF 35 PA+++). It can make your skin brighter naturally, looks healthy, and last all day long.

2. A;t Fox Black Tea Lady Hand Cream (cream type).


So this product's used black tea extract, and it claims to have rich nutrition for your skin and have sweet scent. Actually there's three variant for  this hand cream line, which is Black Tea Lady (cream type), Jasoyup Tea Change,(butter type)  and Gyoolpy Tea Cute (lotion type). I got myself Black Tea Lady because I like the pink design, and it smells lovely!.

3. A;t Fox Jasoyup Tea Chocolate Cleansing Bar.


Don't be fooled by this chocolate bar! Because actully this bar is face cleansing soap! Yep, this soap use tea extract with chocolate shape and scent so when it first arrived I thought it's real chocolate! Sooo cuteee, until now I never use it because I don't want to ruin the shape. The chocolate cleansing bar have two options : usual chocolate and white chocolate, the black is for deep cleansing and the white for moisturize your skin, I choose the chocolate because I have problem with my comedo and oily skin.

4. A;t Fox Fantasy Holic Lip & Cheek Designer & A;t Fox Fantasy Holic Eye Line Designer.

sorry if the brightness bothering you
These products' is the most dissappointing for me, bcause it's really small compare to the promotional pictures! Well, maybe considering this is gift set so it's actually travel size, and I shouldn't complain because I got it reall cheap, but hey, just hoping. For the eye line, there's three choices, rea; black, shine black, and Cute Brown (kinda forgot what's the name sorry), but I choose the shine black because I don't want a real black liner but still don't want to get the brown because it's too light and this eye liner has glitters!.

For lip & cheek I chose rose beige from 3 shades they offered, which is coral, red, and rose beige because I like this kind of color, not too red and not too pink. Because it's lip and cheek you can use this for blush and lip crayon, but you must use sharpener.

6. A;t Fox Tea Cell Hydro Solution Mask.


Ok so for me this hydro solution mask is just like a bonus, because I have oily skin and this product claims to hydrate the skin with 3d mask, so yeah I really not interested but well I suppose I will give it a try. Contains moisturizing essence and enriched with selected eight different plant and tea extracts to replenish moistrue and restore the natural suppleness of the skin.

Free pouch!

so cuteeee!!!

Got the free pouch for my purchase, I thought they will use natural color like chocolate or blue like their beauty product but they choose sophisticated purple for the pouch, I can put my makeup to this without worry but sadly it got dirty with something and it's really hard to clean it, what a pity ;_;.

products + pouch

Final Thoughts
Phew, I think this post is long enough, but I really happy for what I got! I still never use it ecause they're too cute, lol. But hey if you want me to do the product review kindly comment, like, or share your thoughts below so I'll do it! And yeah I reallyy love A;t Fox beauty design and concept! I just hope this brand will be bigger so people will know how unique their concept is! you can find a blog post about their cosmetic cafe here, I guarantee you will squeal from the cuteness!.

Thanks for sticking up with my post, see you later~~

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