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All in one cream? Rivecowe AA Cream Review (English)


It's me again!! Okay, maybe it's my first double post for one week. Today I will review about a unique cream from Korea that claims to have whitening  effect from special herb no.8 (Which are lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, borage, sage, jasmine, chamomile) and anti wrinkle care, it's also moisturizing!

Why it's called AA Cream? Because it claimed to be useful All day and All night, so it's called All day All right cream, haha what a creative idea.

rivecowe aa cream
all day all right cream from Rivecowe

Actually I never know a brand named Rivecowe, but one day I knew 0.8 liter Indonesia had a giveaway for this product, and lucky me to be chosen! Thanks 0.8 liter Indonesia!

Okay from packaging I admit that it's too cute! I love how they played with white and yellow color, and those swirls... lovely!

But I noticed the size is too small, just tube with 40 ml product. Because I got it free I don't really mind, but I do mind if I want to buy this, this cream better be worth my money.

rivecowe aa cream swatch
sorry I can't capture the HD pic
When I opened and squeeze some of it, I caught smell of fresh lemon, it reminded me of Garnier's product. The cream's white and when I put it on my skin it will blend and make my skin whiter naturally.

rivecowe ingredients
the ingredients 
This product claimed used their special herb no.8, so I look at the ingredients and surprised it's really printed there! But look at how small the percentage I doubt it's really the 'special herb no.8' that they use for their main whitener essence (I dunno much about ingredients so I can't look it up for the details).

rivecowe aa cream swatch
see the difference?
I saw that this AA Cream is really similar with CC cream because they're whiten the skin naturally, but the difference is AA cream doesn't have color capsules that will pop and blended to skin when it's applied like CC cream. And this cream doesn't have a strong coverage like BB cream, it's not sticky at all, easily blended and the smell will disappear after you blend it.

rivecowe aa cream swatch
once again, see the difference?
Maybe from picture up there you can't see the difference (sorry for my bad camera) but in real life I noticed it can toned up my face one time brighter and my face looked fresh. It have dewy finish so I suggest if you don't like the finish you must put a powder on top. It's not cakey like BB cream, you can walk around just with this and people will compliment your bright skin without complain that you put too much effort for it . It made my skin feels smooth and can cover my minor face discoloration.

But the downside is this product don't have spf and oil control, so you know what it means oily faced ladies... prepare to have oil factory here!! When I used this I notice my T-zone area already oily after 2 hours use, and really oily after 4-5 hours, and if you're sweating you have to apply it again because this cream's easily comes off.

rivecowe aa cream swatch
using Rivecowe AA Cream

On the picture above I used it for 8 hours and guess what, I need to top it with setting powder 2 times but it still have whitening effect. So I suggest you use this product for base makeup only, and I don't recommended it for alone usage, because the spf thing.

What I like :

- Cute packaging
- Whitening effect
- Easy to blend
- Natural finish
- Can cover minor discoloration

What I don't like :

- Doesn't have spf
- No oil control
- Glides easily
- Dewy finish (I don't like it sorry)
- Not really covering my acnes and scars

Overall 3,5/5

You must have this if you want a natural whitening effect product, and if you have dry to normal skin. If you want to go outside without worry you must apply sunblock first or use it for base makeup.

Thanks for sticking up with my review, comment below so I'll know what you think! See you!!

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