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Ultrue I'm Sorry for My Skin Jelly Mask Review (English)


It's me againnn!!!! :D

This time I wanna review one of the best sheet mask that I've ever try! It's called Ultrue I'm sorry for my skin. The first thing you notice maybe was, what the hell is Ultrue?? 

Now, now my dearest reader, Ultrue is one of the biggest beauty company that excels in mask product, they even made masks for famous brands such as Innisfree, Skinfood, and Laneige. Recently they've launch their own brand product, and I'm very lucky to have a chance try this gorgeous jelly mask FOR FREE because I was one of the people who have been  chosen from 0,8 liter Indonesia to try the tester pack. Thank you 0,8 liter Indonesia!!!

Ultrue I'm sorry for my skin launch 
I copied the official product details from Amazon :

With a bouncy like texture, without any stickiness; the refreshing jelly type texture essence that everyone has been waiting for. An everyday lifestyle mask sheet that protects your moisture barrier. The perfect solution to balance your moisture and hydration pH Levels with Natural Moisture ingredients, AMF*, and a blend of plants that are naturally grown in the desert 
Dear My Skin, 
I'm sorry... I Know I should not do this to my skin. However, I cannot give up chocolate, coffee or drinking. 
I'm sorry... I forgot to take care of you. I know the weather has changed, but don't be too stingy. I am too busy to just care you (my skin). 
I'm sorry... I fell asleep without removing makeup. However, I was really tired yesterday. My love for you is still great. Please stop being made at me. I have prepared something special for you. 
I'm Sorry for My Skin, the least we can do for our skin. 
Don't feel sorry leave it to us! 
Why is Ulture Mask Sheet Special? 
Excellent Moisturizing ability 
*AMF water wrap (Artificial Moisturizing Factor) 
120 hours moisturizing effect confirmed by IRIS, an internationally prestigious clinical institution. 
[Report Extraction: It showed considerable increase effect of skin moisturizing with just one use that was kept up to 120 hours.] 
We do not perform, animal testing, as all our Research and Development is performed in South Korea, and Made in South Korea. Our Products are natural and contain desert plant complex to boost moisture that your skin has been wanting. 
Proudly made in South Korea"

As you can see this Jelly Mask is designed for people who doesn't take care their skin right because of bad diet, weather or makeup. and they claimed can make your skin hydrated for 120 hours after use!

I got four mask with different variant,the chocolate one for pore care, the smoke one for relaxing, the beer one for revitalizing, and coffee for brightening.

I gotta say when I first know this I thought 'Wow these masks look thick and the packaging are very good! This is the kind of product that for the first time you look at it you know this product is exclusive and looks expensive, yes that kind of vibe.

The downside is they just use hangul for product information, company, and ingredients so my first impression when I saw the back of the packaging are what the hell is this, what the hell is that for? lol

the mask
 Because this product theme is 'jelly mask' so expect your application would be messy. Yes, Ultrue really gives you a generous amount of jelly in their mask, they are cold, sticky, and slimy almost look like liquid silicone. But I love playing with it, haha.

the jelly
The mask's smell is quiet pleasant, like floral but have a bit of spicy perfume in it, but maybe this will be a bother for some people. As you know because they just have hangul direction for how to use it I must search on the internet for how to it correctly. And I've got information that to use it, first, you must squeeze the jelly from the mask's packaging, and then apply it to your skin, you can use the jelly on all of your body, not just face. Then unfold the mask and put it on your face for 20 minutes until the jelly's absorbed to your skin.

So I do that, and I notice the mask sheet was too big for my face, I ended up like an old wrinkled ghost, hahaha.

me using ultrue

 Even the direction said you just have to wait for 20 minutes, I used this for 30 minutes and still have no sign of drying, like I said Ultrue is really generous with their jelly essence. My tip is after you peel off the mask don't wash your face because basically the one that make your skin looks good is because the essence, and you just have to massage the essence until it absorbs to your skin.

Annnddd how's Ultrue did for my face? I got the  softest, most supple, hydrated face that I never felt before! I love touching my face after use this, my skin just too bouncy and healthy, It makes my skin looks bright and glowing. Even after I used this mask for up to 24 hours I still felt the effect, but sadly I don't count if this effect really would last for 120 hours or not.

What I like

- Good packaging
- Generous amount of jelly essence
- Nice smell
- Make your skin soft, hydrate, and brighten too
- You can use the jelly for other body parts

What I don't like

- The application's quiet messy and sticky
- Hard to get it, not many website sell this product too
- Not really over hyped international product, so they just provide hangul for information

Overall 4,5/5

I'm in love with Ultrue I'm sorry for my skin mask!! I've always thought that mask sheets are just waste of money because after use it the effect would be gone for few hours, but this mask is really different, because of this I like to touch my face and take a good look on the mirror because my skin felt too good to be true and it lasts long. You change my view about mask sheet, Ultrue, well done.

Thanks for sticking up to my review, leave comment so I know what you think!

Edit : it's true that my skin feels soft and bouncy but because my face is oily so it ended up  to oil factory me, and if I applied makeup it would be gone for 2-3 hours

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