Friday, May 6, 2016

First Purchase Experience + Unboxing : Althea Pink Box! (English)

Hellooooo Guys.....!!

I'm back with another experience post!!! *YAAAYYY*
But.... it's not just another experience post, it's also about unravel the cute pink box from!! *YAY?*

You see... I'm just poor budgeted beauty blogger who always crazy with good cheap stuff (who doesn't anyway?). And I'm always, always, looking for discounted price, promo stuff, or free delivery fee. Truthfully for a beauty blogger I'm kinda late to know about this new  online beauty store, I know this store from beauty blogger that make this unboxing experience she had when she's shopping at Althea Indonesia FREE OF CHARGE (why I don't know about the beta tester thing???), It just popped up on my timeline one day when I'm scrolling for something aren't important.

So you maybe know I'm rushed to type the address, signed up, and scrolling through the products, and yes, the price is too good to be true. Because they're newly opened, there's 100k credits for new registration that you can use, and there's always freebie product that you can redeem completely off charge except for the shipping, but then I know the delivery costs around 120k IDR and you must purchase for minimum 300k IDR just to get free shipping.

Ok ok....nothing's perfect, take a deep breath, no big deal

SOOO yeah, I checked out for above 300k IDR for the sake of the free delivery. Phew, I just hope the announcement for non grand opening promo free delivery 500k IDR or above is still a long time.

Althea's service is quiet good, the costumer service respond quickly and actually not blabbering about the SOP too much and just help the customer's need. The website is actually minimalist and friendly to use, but they're sometimes slow to load, and still have many errors.

And another thing that irks me out is the payment method.

I know I know, in international trading, many use paypal, visa, and master card. But in Indonesia, huge number of people are still comfortable using the plain old bank transfer. So when I know the payment method of Althea is using credit cards or doku wallet I'm almost throw my laptop (well.. not really).

I decided to use doku wallet, actually I never use this kind of way but ANYTHING FOR YOU ALTHEA YOU HEAR ME?! And after many plot twists and turns, that pink box arrived at my home.

I blurred my personal info, sorry ;)
This parcel arrived to my home for 7 days, and I'm honestly concerned about Althea's way of shipping, because it's not just too early, but the courier deliver it with his child, ON 6 AM. Just what kind of company who force the worker to work on holiday with his child?  

 Anyway, sorry about my rambling... the packaging is superrrr pretty, beautiful, gorgeous!! I fell in love instantly even when I first saw it. They use pink plastic bag to cover up the pink box, and you can see Althea's address and then yours, your purchase number, your cellphone number, the package number, package barcode, and below you can see Althea Indonesia's address.

I dunno why it's already dirty there
The well-known pink box

The box is sturdy, and I know you can put anything inside that without worry about anything, because it's really, really, a good box. And it's pretty too! I was amazed because the box itself wrapped in a bubble wrap. IT'S REALLY HANDLED WITH CARE!

As you can see, when I opened the box all of the products wrapped in a bubble wrap, and I got this pink papery sheets thingy, I dunno what it is for, but hey I'm really satisfied with the safety insurance.

Ok so noow for the main dish...

Maybe you're wondering what I bought in that box, right? righttt?? I'm carefully picked what I want and this is my first purchase (that I will review on my blog) :

- Mediheal Dress Code Black Mask Sheet, I was hooked with this gorgeous mask since I first saw it
- Chica y chico Mat Cushion No.23, a new cushion for me! Yaayy!!
- Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Bija & Tea Tree, a wash off pack for my face
- CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection, for you who already read my hair bleaching and coloring in here, you will know I really need this
- Saemmul Real Tint in Orange, I always want to try lip tint, and I saw this tint have a beautiful shade of orange I always dying to try, so why not?

-Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, I got this without cash because it's freebie product from Althea, and I always wanna know what so good about this overly hyped product.

So yeah, that's all about my experience review and unboxing Althea Pink box, if you're interested about the website you can always go to :

Althea itself have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and soon to be Thailand.

Thank you for sticking up on my review, I hope you comment below so I know what you think, and see you again!! :D

Gorgeous box for gorgeous ladies!

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