Friday, July 29, 2016

REVIEW : Missha x LINE Friends Magic Cushion (Brown No.23)

Hello all!

I hope you guys have a good day, because I don't, haha. Anyway.... this time I will give you my thought about one of the most raved cushion product for this year, Missha x Line Magic Cushion!! *SFX:YEAAAHHH*

Cough cough, actually I have this product like... forever, few months yeah, I have already get the pictures, I've think about my experience and what should I write, but BAM! Many products arrive and somehow I forgot that I haven't post this.

Onward with the review! *Ayeayecaptain*.

Isn't it cute?
When I first saw this online, I was very excited to get my hands on it, but actually Missha didn't just release the cushion, but lip tint, lipstick, hand cream, and eyeshadow with Line friends' theme. But ofc I'm a sucker with cushion product, so I decided to pre order the cushion on one of my trusted seller. But It turned out the product's already sold out and the seller told me after one month of Pre order. Grr, I was upset and decided to buy on different seller, but the price's ridiculously high, I must wait for the hype died down so I could buy the product with a decent price.

The first thing about the packaging, it's cute! I chose the Brown line because I have oily skin and Brown one is for oily skin, there's Sally line for dry skin, unlike Brown that has brown theme, it has yellow theme and cute sally duck face, but truthfully I love Brown chubby face more. 

Despite the cute packaging, I notice the cushion pact is kinda cheap looking, it's from plastic and kinda frail, sometimes when I close the lid it's slightly slide from the lock. Anyway, this cushion has standard packaging, more bulky than The Faceshop and Chica Y Chico, and same as Vant Air Touch, but don't worry, it's not heavy at all.

shade 23
I have shade 23, because I don't have fair skin, and really hope this cushion would suit my skintone unlike some bb cream product that I've try.

 No.23 is a medium beige with yellow undertone, if I swatch it on my hand it's actually blended well and suit me, but how about my face?.

using missha x line cushion
It can cover my pimples, acne scars, uneven color, and made my skin flawless and brighter, the shade's not too pale for me. But I still have to use concealer for dark acne scar. This cushion has mild floral scent, not strong enough to irritate me and would dissapear after I pat it on my face, I love the smell!

Sadly the finish is not matte, but slightly dewy and I must use powder to set it up. It's lightweight so I don't feel cakey and heavy using it, and the oil control is decent. I can use it for like 2 hours before my nose started to shine, and 4-5 hours before I need to touch up.  The other plus this cushion has SPF 50+ and PA+++, so you can use this without sunblock.

But beware, if you use it on a hot weather and you're sweating, this BB cream will melt and gives you sticky feeling, and gives you patchy white cast, so you better prepare your blotting powder. And I think it's safe for those who has acne, because it doesn't irritate you or make your condition worse, about non comedogenic, well I never use a BBC on one brand for several days straight, so I can't give you any info about it, sorry.

What I like :

- Cute Concept
- Shade 23 isn't too pale for me
- Mild Floral scent
- High SPF
- Lightweight
- Good coverage
- Suitable for acne prone skin
- Oil control is decent

What I don't like :

- Semi-dewy finish
- Not sweatproof
- The case is bulky and kinda cheap

Overal 4/5

Repurchase? Yes ^^

I recommend this cushion for those who have combination-oily skin, the high SPF can support you if you're in tropical country or the beach, but just don't get sweaty too much! ;)
Thanks for sticking up with my review, share, comment below so I'll know what you think! See you!

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