Thursday, August 4, 2016

RIRE Lip Powder Review in Sugar Rose (English)


How are you guys? Got a plan for weekend? If you ask me (probably not) I don't have any, I will just sit here watching my makeup swatch, haha just kidding. 

Okay today I will told you about a lip product for the famous Korean Brand Rire, as we know Rire is well known because their Lip Manicure, buttt...... I've discovered their other unique lip product, it's Rire Lip Powder! Yes you read it... it LIP.POWDER.

So before you guys die in curiosity, let's take a look it now shall we~.

rire lip powder

The first thing I noticed about the packaging is, it's basically same with Rire Lip Manicure. The tube is small and made from glass, I dunno if it fragile or not because I never intend to drop it, the top cap or should I say the aplicator's looks like a mushroom with black color, it's very cute detail I think.

You can actually see the powder from the tube, because it's from transparent glass, and it's varies of what shade do you actually choose, I chose Shade 03, Sugar Rose, a calm pinkish red color.

Right, back, left
The carton's small like the tube, the color is black with white and pink ink, and there's a hole so you can look at the product or it's shade. Even though the whole concept of small mushroom thing is indeed cute, but the downside is, the aplicator would be too small, I found myself struggled with it, I hope I'm not the only one.

What is lip powder anyway?

Unlike Rire Lip Manicure that's matte lipcream, this lip powder is actually a white-pinkish (depends on the shade) powder contained in a tube, and when you swipe it on your lip, the powder would melt and become your usual lip cream. I found myself amazed when the first I tried it, here's the swatch :

03. Sugar Rose
It's not exclusively for your lips, because you can melt the powder anywhere on your skin, I think it's due your skin temperature, so the powder melts because of your skin temperature, not magic (lol).  Because of that conclusion I think you can actually use this for blush or eyeshadow replacement.

The finish is nor matte or glossy, the closest finish I say it's satin. First I thought no fragrance in the powder, but I do catch a bit of powdery sweet scent, and if you think this product's waterproof or kissproof, you'd be wrong. 

after I swiped it with water
This product's easily gone, if you drink water don't be surprise if it's fade, and if you kiss your pet expect it to have pinkish mark, it's not smudge proof too, maybe due it's consistency.


You can see if this lip powder actually has sheer coverage, it can't really cover my pigmented lips even though I choose the second darkest shade (The first is no.4 Pashion Red). I think if I wear this I must use concealer first, and FYI... It's hard to blend it with the aplicator! Because it will get streaky and uneven, I must swipe it with my finger which end up with red stain, to get that finish. But you still can see the powder thingy on my lips right, but don't worry it would be less seen if it's not up close.

I'm wearing rire lip powder with my daily makeup
If you look at my photo above you will see it's not really bad, I actually must swipe it several times to get that look, maybe the upper lip isn't too covered because my upper lip is darker than the lower, but people won't actually squinting their eyes just to check out whether you lipstick's flawless right? Maybe this kind of stain people seek when they want natural pink-red lips, but it's not what I love because I don't have natural pink lips, so I always look for pigmented product.

 Oh if you lick or taste your lips, you will find a surprising sweet taste, it's a plus so I won't have to cringe everytime I accidentally do it. It doesn't drying on lips and fade after 3-4 hours without meal.

What I like :

- Doesn't have annoying scent
- Sweet taste
- Not drying
- Perfect for who loves natural finish
- Unique powder concept
- You can use it for blush or eyeshadow

What I don't like :

- Sheer coverage
- Not transfer proof
- Not waterproof
- Not Smudge proof
- Not really long lasting

Overal 2,5/5

Repurchase? No.

I think this lip powder suits people who loves natural finish or doesn't have pigmented lips, it does have innovative concept, but there's still so much aspect that need to fix. I don't hate this product but certainly not a product I'll be wearing, maybe I should get the sister, lip manicure, because I never actually try it.

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