Friday, February 17, 2017

(REVIEW) Verite Aurora Cover Cushion Holiday Edition (English)

Hello there!

It's me again! In this post I will talk about a limited edition cushion (again) from Verite! as you know I always have a weakness from cute packaging and this is not exception specially I always want to buy Verite's product, now let's start Verite Aurora Cover Cushion Holiday Edition's review!.

FIrst I'll talk about the packaging, the packaging isn't like your usual cushion box, it's bigger and more luxurious. As you know, this design is limited and actually Verite have the regular Aurora Cover Cushion which is the price is somewhat same and I would never buy this product if there's no special discount from Althea (Thank you Althea!).

This cushion have two design, the Aurora Party (Pink themed) and Twinkle Snow (Blue themed) but the pink one was already sold ut so I bought the blue one, which is not bad, because the design is still cute and calmer than the pink one.

outer box


The cover box's made from carton with dark blue theme and cute jewel patterns, In the front there's the product's name, and in the back there's Hangul product's name, barcode, and some info I don't know about :/.

In the inside you can see the cushion and the refill goes on separate side, which is really cool, I really like this box format! When I pick up the refill there's a phamflet under it, and some information about this cushion, sadly I cannot read it because it's written in hangul.

The cushion case has the same color as the box, dark blue with pattern of fireworks on it, and a cute character wearing patterned hat looking at the fireworks. Around the case there's gold color, I can feel the cuteness factor in it but without disregard the luxury factor, you can tell that this cushion is expensive (which is really is).

the puff
The inside of the cushion is still have cute theme, the puff's mochi puff not usual ruby cell puff, I notice many brands use this kind of puff, but personally I rather use the blue puff because it's easy to clean. 


As usual I chose shade no.23 which is the darkest shade in Korea Standard. I'm kinda afraid that this shade would be still too light for me, but no! It's actuallly match my skin so I'm really happy. The scent is very nice, almost like perfume.

Left : before, right : after
As you can see, there's no a big difference on my skin after I use this cushion, which is kinda dissappointing because I have many acne scars, big pores and this cushion has sheer-medium coverage, I got my hopes up because this cushion is 'cover cushion' so it must cover my skin good enough, right? But anyway besides the sheer coverage, it felt really light, like I don't use any bb cushion.

This cushion has satin finish so you still can see the dewyness but not dewy enough to make my skin looks like oily mess, lasts for 4-5 before my nose started to feel oily, which is amazing despite poor coverage this cushion has good oil control, and I don't feel my skin irritated after using this. 

What I like :
- Good design
- Lightweight
- Not too white for me
- Not make my skin irritated
- Good oil control
- Good scent

What I don't like :
- Can't cover my acne scars, big pores
- Expensive
- Slightly dewy finish 

Overal : 3/5
Repurchase? Maybe No.

This cushion's good for you guys that seek natural finish cushion, weak against cute packaging, love semi dewy finish, and those who already had good skin. This cushion is still hard to find in my country, but I ordered it from Althea, there are many promo and discount that can make your bank account empty! This cushion actually cost 400k Rupiahs but I got it just for 250k, what a steal, lol.

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